Acta Universitatis Carolinae Kinanthropologica (AUC Kinanthropologica) is an international peer reviewed journal for the publication of research outcomes in the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences, as applied to kinathropology. It is a multidisciplinary journal accepting only original unpublished articles in English in the various sub-disciplines and related fields of kinanthropology, such as Anthropology, Anthropomotorics, Sports Pedagogy, Sociology of Sport, Philosophy of Sport, History of Sport, Physiology of Sport And Exercise, Physical Education, Applied Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Human Biomechanics, Psychology of Sport, Sports Training and Coaching, Sport Management, etc. The journal also welcomes interdisciplinary articles. The journal also includes reports of relevant activities and reviews of relevant publications.

The journal is abstracted and indexed by CNKI, DOAJ, EBSCO, ERIH PLUS, SPOLIT, SPORTDiscus, and Ulrichsweb.


Motivation for Physical Activity in Czech Seniors
Jiří Mudrák, Pavel Slepička, Steriani Elavsky

Confirmation of Conceptual Validity of Czech Version of Group Environment Questionnaire by Structural Equation Modeling
Eva Prokešová, Martin Musálek

Olympism in Poland in System of Communist Sport and His Rennaisance after 1989
Kristina Jakubcová

Competitive Balance in the German, Dutch and Czech Football Leagues
Jan Šíma

Customer Perception of Service Quality in Sport
Jan Šíma, Tomáš Ruda

Sarcopenia – Brief Characteristics, Etiology and Possible Therapy
Michal Šteffl, Miroslav Petr, Tomáš Ruda, Eva Kohlíková

The Optimal Load for Achieving Maximum Output Power – Bench Press for Trained Athletes
Richard Billich, Karel Jelen

Respiration under Monotonuous Hypokinetic Conditions. First Results
Martina Lopotová, Stenislav Otáhal, Pavel Smrčka, František Lopot, Ladislav Sieger

Evaluation of the Power Produced by Muscles
Antonín Havránek, Martin Mayer, Karel Jelen

Hypokinesis: Interventional Rope Skipping Movement Programs for Children and Adolescents
Jana Černá, Šárka Panská, Karel Jelen

Hair Quality in Gravid Versus Non-gravid Women
Marie Skřontová, Lucie Šimková, Karel Jelen

Risks and Benefits of Hypo/Hyperkinetic Loading of Human Musculoskeletal System and Its Genetic Predispositions – Rhythmic Gymnastic
Šárka Panská, Miroslav Petr, Karel Jelen

Influence of Mechanical Action on the Intracranial Pressure after Craniocerebral Injury
Martin Mayer, Antonín Havránek, Karel Jelen

Biomechanical Relations among Shape and Mobility of Shoulder Complex
Ivana Jelínková, Stanislav Otáhal

Mechanical Changes of the Axial System Detected by the TVS Method
Kateřina Kloučková, Karel Jelen, Josef Zeman, František Maršík, Petr Kubový

Experimental Determination of Spinal Segment Kinematics
Jiří Kuželka, Martin Otáhal, Petr Heralt, Lukáš Jiran, Miloš Moravec, Petr Kubový

The Cardiac Rupture Due to the Blunt Chest Trauma and the Causing Mechanisms – Physical Attack Case Study
Ondřej Fanta, Daniel Hadraba, Petr Kubový, Karel Jelen

Development of Vertical Ground Reaction Force after Hip Surgery
Richard Billich, Pavel Drda, Karel Jelen

Knee Osteoarthritis: Biological Response to Pharmaceuticals from SYSADOA Group
Eva Kurková, Petr Kubový, Michal Říha, Karel Jelen

Comparison of Detected Values Footscan – Kistler
Barbora Pánková, Petr Kubový, Ondřej Fanta, Karel Jelen

The Methods of Validation the Experimental Measurement Device for Ground Reaction Forces During Ice Hockey Skating
Petr Šťastný, Petr Kubový, František Lopot, Miloš Fiala

A New Method for the Measurement of Ground Reaction Forces During Ice Hockey Skating
Petr Šťastný, Petr Kubový, František Lopot

The Influence of Morfological Shape of Foot on Dynamic Loading Forces Exerted on Sole of the Foot During Ice-hockey Skating
Petr Šťastný, Petr Kubový, František Lopot, Karel Jelen, Miloš Fiala

Plantar Pressure Redistribution During Running as a Response to Change of Locomotion in Triathlon
David Herych, Milan Hybner, Karel Jelen

Detection of Thickness and Volume Changes on Knee Cartilage in Femoral-tibial Joint in Different Stress Conditions with MRI
Lenka Horňáková, Daniel Hadraba, Pavel Štursa, Karel Jelen

Evaluation of Head Injury in Terms of Biomechanics and a Look at Specifics of Wheelchair Users Traveling in a Car
Ondřej Fanta, Barbora Pánková, Karel Jelen

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