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Poetry in exile Poetry in exile

Poetry in exile

Josef Hrdlička examines the complex and volatile exile phenomenon in literary texts from antiquity through the present day and against the background of historical poetry written in exile, focusing on Czech poets who left their country after 1948 and significantly contributed to literature written abroad.

Is it tomorrow, yet? Is it tomorrow, yet?

Is it tomorrow, yet?

“Krastev’s seven paradoxes of a post-COVID-19 Europe is not a political programme. It is a guide for a journey we cannot afford to get lost on. The author’s infallible analytical eye does not offer much solace, yet it brings to our attention the most important question of today: How to unite and mend a virus-struck world that is once again breaking apart at the nation-state level?” – Petr Fischer

Who Is the Muse’s Favorite Who Is the Muse’s Favorite
Literary criticism

Who Is the Muse’s Favorite

This book presents twenty-nine literary-history essays written by Engelking on Czech literature, particularly that of the last century, but also older: from Mácha, via Richard Weiner, Group 42, Ivan Wernisch and Czech Surrealism through Jáchym Topol. The book was edited by Radim Kopáč, who also wrote the preface.



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