Open access

Open Access

Charles University joined the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities in 2013. In reaction to this step, Karolinum Press has published all journals as open journals since 2015. In addition, it publishes high-quality open-access books, ensuring their maximum accessibility and world-wide distribution.

Green Open Access

Karolinum Press allows the immediate automatic archiving of the author’s accepted manuscripts of all texts published by the publishing house (book chapters, monographs and journal articles) and their sharing via institutional repositories, personal web sites, Mendeley, ResearchGate, and other similar sites.
An author’s accepted manuscript refers to manuscripts after the peer review, but not typeset PDF files for proofreading or PDF files containing the final text. For articles and books, please make references to the officially published versions including ISBN for books and DOI for articles.
If a work has been published as an open access work, its official PDF version can be auto-archived as well and its use is governed by the applicable license conditions.

Open-Access Books

Peer Review Procedure
In accordance with the Charles University Publishing Code, all monographs published by Karolinum Press are subject to peer review. We require at least two positive peer reviews for scientific monographs, and at least one of the reviewers must not work for Charles University. The peer review procedure is not anonymous; the author knows the reviewer and the reviewer knows the author. In justified cases, the publishing house may require an additional review.

Karolinum Press provides the same service to the open-access books as to all other publications. To facilitate this, open-access books are subject to fees. The publication fee is approximately CZK 30,000, however, it depends on the nature of the editorial work and typesetting as well as the potential sales of the printed version.

License Conditions and Availability
At Karolinum Press, open-access books are published under the basic license of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0), which allows for the unlimited use, distribution and reproduction of the work provided the author and source have been properly attributed. Other licensing conditions may be granted based on an agreement with Karolinum Press.

Open-access books published by Karolinum Press are available via university digital repository. Readers who prefer classical books may purchase the printed version of the open-access books in the Karolinum Press Internet Bookstore or from their bookstores.

Open-Access Journals

Karolinum Press publishes all of their journals as open-access journals, most of which under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence. Specific license conditions are presented on the websites of individual journals.
Thanks to Charles University institutional programs, authors publishing in Karolinum Press journals are exempt from publication fees.