Acta Universitatis Carolinae Kinanthropologica (AUC Kinanthropologica) is an international peer reviewed journal for the publication of research outcomes in the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences, as applied to kinathropology. It is a multidisciplinary journal accepting only original unpublished articles in English in the various sub-disciplines and related fields of kinanthropology, such as Anthropology, Anthropomotorics, Sports Pedagogy, Sociology of Sport, Philosophy of Sport, History of Sport, Physiology of Sport And Exercise, Physical Education, Applied Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Human Biomechanics, Psychology of Sport, Sports Training and Coaching, Sport Management, etc. The journal also welcomes interdisciplinary articles. The journal also includes reports of relevant activities and reviews of relevant publications.

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Kinematics of the Cervical-thoracic Spine and the Shoulder Girdle
Ivana Jelínková

The Role of Amino Acid Supplementation in Sarcopenia Treatment
Michal Šteffl, Miroslav Petr, Eva Kohlíková

Dimensionality of Indicators in Questionnaire for Diagnostics of Hand and Foot Preference – Adult Population
Martin Musálek

Relationships Between the Methods for Estimating the Lactate and Ventilatory Thresholds During Prolonged Exercise in Ice-hockey Players
Tomasz Gabryś, Urszula Szmatlan-Gabryś, Arkadiusz Stanula, Zbigniew Stajak

Contribution of Czech Science for the Development Psychomotor Therapy in the European Context
Běla Hátlová, Milena Adámková Ségárd, Jana Šopíková

Interpersonal Relations in the Team of Football Players and Their Level of Motor Ability and Technical Skills
Mariusz Ozimek, Dariusz Dykas, Zbygniew Barabasz, Marcelina Nowakowska

The Variability Parameters of Anaerobic Endurance in Special Preparation and Competition Periods in 17–18 Year Old Ice-hockey Players
Urszula Szmatlan-Gabryś, Tomasz Gabryś, Arkadiusz Stanula, Zbygniew Stajak

Hip Joint and Center of Gravity Kinematics in Gait Cycle of Young Adults With Moderate Idiopathic Scoliosis. A Controlled Study
Christos Polyzos, C. Thanasas

David Best on Rhythm in Movement
Jim Parry, Tomáš Skála

Teaching Values in Movement Activities: Inherent and Added Values
Irena Martínková

Selected Aspects of Eye Dominance and Its Relation to Motor Laterality Manifestation at Children Population
Martin Musálek

Kinematics of Upper Thoracic Spine During Simulated Rope Skipping
Ivana Jelínková, Milan Hybner

A Comparison of Perceived Team Cohesion in Athletes of Interactive and Coactive Sports Based on the Group Environment Questionnaire
Eva Prokešová, Martin Musálek, Eva Chalupová

Conceptualization of Methods Designed to Evaluation Service Quality in Sport
Jan Šíma, Tomáš Ruda

The Structure of Hair Thickness Distribution Over Women’s Heads Surface
Lucie Šimková, Marie Skřontová, Karel Jelen, Josef Zeman

On the Number of Handedness Groups
Jan Štochl, Tim Croudace

On the Measurement Level of Handedness Scores
Jan Štochl, Tim Croudace

Degenerative Changes in the Cervical Spine With a Focus on the Intervertebral Disc Prolapse and its Verification Using Imaging and 3D Model
Tereza Píglová, Eva Tlapáková, Karel Jelen, Ondřej Fanta, Pavel Štursa

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