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AUC PHILOLOGICA, Vol 2018 No 4 (2018), 169–178

Op zoek naar perceptieverschillen bij directief taalgebruik in het Pools en het Nederlands: een onderzoeksvoorstel

[Searching for differences in perception of directive language use in Polish and Dutch: a research proposal]

Katarzyna Wiercinska

zveřejněno: 22. 03. 2019


The way in which directive speech acts are formed and used in Polish and Dutch differs considerably in both languages. This contribution focuses on perception of directive speech acts in an informal context in Polish and in Dutch and reports on a pilot survey for a larger-scale politeness standards research. The purpose of the study is to look at Polish and Dutch politeness standards from two sides. Firstly, we look at how the language user interprets the degree of politeness in different sentences within a certain context and to what extent this is related to the form. Secondly, we investigate how the users of both languages interpret the survey sentences as a whole: when is it for example seen as a request and when as a command?

Klíčová slova: politeness; perception; directive speech acts; Polish; Dutch

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