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AUC PHILOLOGICA, Vol 2015 No 3 (2015), 105–112

Jiří Levý’s contribution to translation studies as represented in the de Gruyter Encyclopedia Übersetzung, Translation, Traduction

Brigitte Schultze

zveřejněno: 10. 03. 2016


About fifty entries in the Index of Names (HSK. 26.3: 2728) assign Levý to a relatively small number (little more than a dozen) of most frequently quoted and discussed translation scholars. It is important to note that, out of Levý’s works, only two titles are referred to – “The Art of Translation” and “Translation as a decision process” . Both titles are exclusively quoted either in German (1969) or in Russian (1974), in English (1967) or in German (1981), respectively. The total absence of contributions written in Czech is due to the fact that the editors of the encyclopaedia did not succeed in acquiring Czech and/or Slovak contributors to the handbook. In some entries, Levý is seen as a forerunner within the history of translation studies. In most entries, however, he is seen as an integral part of the discipline and actual discussions. Sometimes, it is regretted that his contributions to the field are not looked into well enough. While the methodological (structuralist) and ideological context of his works is only mentioned, a host of concrete linguistic and literary problems (the idea of decision making, ways of handling proper names, aspects of drama translation) are referred to or discussed at some length. The paper presents the results of an evaluation and looks more thoroughly into some especially relevant questions raised.

klíčová slova: Levý as pioneering translation scholar; the de Gruyter “International Encyclopedia of Translation Studies”; presentation of Czech structuralism in the “Encyclopedia”; Roman Jakobson; Schamschula’s German version of the “Art of Translation”; Morgenstern’s “Aesthetic weasel” as recurrent case in point in translation argument

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