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ORBIS SCHOLAE, Vol 0 No 1 (2006), 46–59

Spravedlivost českého školského systému v mezinárodním srovnání

David Greger

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14712/23363177.2018.134
announced: 22. 02. 2018


The study discuses research strategy toward partial aim No. 3 of the project LC 06046 Centre for basic research on schooling. This study presents theoretical framework of equity in education and describes the research on pupils` feelings of being treated with justice in schools. The main task discussed in the study is to critically analyze the status of equity in Czech education in comparison with other European educational systems. The analysis of the educational policies and measures towards disadvantaged groups in European countries forms also important part of that task.

keywords: social justice, equity, equality of educational opportunity, educational system, fairness, pupils views, equity indicators, comparative education

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