We inform authors and readers that, following an agreement with the Karolinum publishing house, from 2024 (Volume 18), the journal Orbis scholae will be published only in electronic form.

Orbis scholae is an academic journal published by Charles University, Prague. It features articles on school education in the wider socio-cultural context. It aims to contribute to our understanding and the development of school education, and to the reflection of teaching practice and educational policy.

ORBIS SCHOLAE, Vol 16 No 1 (2022)

Dominik Dvořák

Genetický konštruktivizmus vo svetle inštrumentálneho realizmu
Ladislav Kvasz

Studentsʼ Willingness to Communicate in English: Czech Adaptation of Willingness to Communicate Inside the Classroom Scale
Jaroslava Jelínková, Vlastimil Chytrý, Petr Gregor, Anthony Laue

Síťování škol: Případová studie Anglie
Daniel Pražák, Dominik Dvořák

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ISSN: 1802-4637
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