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AUC PHILOSOPHICA ET HISTORICA, Vol 2010 No 1 (2010), 167–183

Angličtí cestovatelé ve středovýchodní Evropě v sedmnáctém a osmnáctém století: Studie vnímání prostoru

[English Travellers in Central Eastern Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries]

Božena Radiměřská

zveřejněno: 18. 05. 2015


English Travellers in Central Eastern Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries The chapter is focused on cultural differences in spatial dimension. The principal question is whether Central Eastern Europe was perceived by early English travellers as culturally different and in what terms. As for the methodology, the author is using the term of “culturally different space”. Also, labelling the area as “Central Eastern Europe” is questioned and the meaning of it in the chapter is explained. Besides, the esthetical values in perception of landscape are discussed. All in all, the most attention is paid to textual analysis of the seventeenth and eighteenth century travel writings in regard to perception of cultural differences in the area of Central Eastern Europe, such as stoves, feather-beds, or even worse, straw to lie on and other images of inconvenience and discomfort. Further, the images of female beauty and its varieties are analysed in terms of cultural differences.

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