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AUC KINANTHROPOLOGICA, Vol 52 No 2 (2016), 75–84

The nature of sport and its relation to the aesthetic dimension of sport

Filip Kobiela

zveřejněno: 22. 12. 2016


In order to discuss the aesthetics of sport I shall start with some metaphysical considerations: instead of using the notion of essence (definition) of sport, understood as a set of necessary and sufficient conditions, I shall try to base these considerations on the notion of the nature of sport. In my understanding, the nature of sport is a very basic phenomenon that lies at the origin and shapes the history of sport. It is a technology of training and mastering physical skills valued for themselves. Now, the aesthetic dimension of sport is based on the technically valuable qualities of sports, which are the consecutive properties of sport. Such qualities are present in all types of sport, not only in the so-called ‘aesthetic sports’ (Best) or ‘performances’ (Suits). Finally, I advance a thesis that although sport is not a form of art, its aesthetic dimension is closer to the nature of sport than its ethical dimension.

klíčová slova: sport; art; technology; skills; aesthetic; purposive; metaphysics; Best; Suits

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