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ORBIS SCHOLAE, Vol 5 No 1 (2011), 53–70

PISA v kritickej perspektíve

[PISA from a critical perspective]

Ondrej Kaščák, Branislav Pupala

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14712/23363177.2018.74
announced: 21. 02. 2018


After several testing rounds of the pupils’ population by the project OECD PISA, studies revealing weak and risky areas of this project started to appear, especially in the academic environment. These provided a critical view on the declared objectivity of the PISA results and through various levels and aspects exhorted to caution in the deduction of strong conclusions of countries towards educational regulation through performances achieved in this type of educational results measurement. The study summarizes critical viewpoints of published analyses and provides the view on this project in wider connections. Global, economic and political connections of implementation and periodical repetitions of PISA testing are presented in relation to specifi c economic interests, the same as concerning the ways of dominating neoliberal administration of globalized population. At the same time the study points in technologies that evoke the items of PISA tests themselves, where quite clear signals exist, which show that PISA is in contradiction to its own declarations as to what it tests and what performances it points out.

keywords: PISA; ranking of educational systems; governmental strategy of control; literacy; real-life test tasks; testing capabilities; PISA methodology

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