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PRÁVNĚHISTORICKÉ STUDIE, Vol 45 No 2 (2015), 79–96

Vznik prvorepublikového zákona o pracovních soudech

[Beginnings of the Labour Courts in the Interwar Czechoslovakia]

Ladislav Vojáček

published online: 30. 05. 2016


The article deals with the issue of the labour judiciary in the interwar Czechoslovakia. Legislation on this field was traditionally fragmented. Trade courts were the most important among these institutions specializing on labour law disputes. Soon after Czechoslovakia was formed the union organizations as well as various other institutions requested that jurisdiction of these courts be enlarged: they shall carry out their jurisdiction also on the territory of Slovakia and Subcarpathia, increase their number and resolve the whole range of labour law disputes. The author also refers to the sources of the new legislation. He describes the numerous complications which occured during the long process of reaching the compromise concerning the new legislation (it was only adopted in the beginning of the 1930s) and tries to find out what was their cause. He uses archive documents as well as the minutes of the meetings of the both chambers of the National Assembly as a base for this considerations.

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