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AUC IURIDICA, Vol 65 No 2 (2019), 71–89

Legitimní očekávání jako součást FET standardu: quo vadis, legitimní očekávání ve světle případů JSW Solar v. Česká republika a Novenergia v. Španělsko?

[Legitimate Expectations as Part of the FET Standard: Quo Vadis, Legitimate Excpectations in the Light of the JSW Solar v. Czech Republic and Novenergia v. Spain Cases?]

Tomáš Mach

announced: 20. 06. 2019


The article discusses the institution of legitimate expectations as a part of the fair and equitable treatment standard. In doing so, the article discusses the recent development of the content of the said institution in light of case law of several past years, as it has been repeatedly discussed in the latest case law regarding the solar energy sector, the sector that until several years back received a lot of state incentives within the member states of the EU.

keywords: legitimate expectation; investor; investment; fair and equitable treatment standard; FET; investment protection; arbitration

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