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PRAGUE MEDICAL REPORT, Vol 124 No 3 (2023), 308–319

Use of a Questionnaire for Evaluation of Surgical Treatment of Masseter Muscle Hypertrophy: A Case Report

Luiza Roberta Bin, Mateus Diego Pavelski, Ana Carolina Fraga Fernandes, Eleanor Álvaro Garbin, Jr.

zveřejněno: 22. 09. 2023


Masseter hypertrophy (MH) is an uncommon natural condition that affects the facial contour. The etiology is debatable, and complaints are usually cosmetic in nature. The diagnosis is essentially clinical and aided by imaging tests. Treatment is still controversial. The literature is relatively scarce in relation to information on MH, particularly in the evaluation of outcomes. Through questionnaires, the progress was observed in the evaluation of the outcomes of aesthetic procedures. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to apply a Facelift Outcome Evaluation (FOE) questionnaire to evaluate the outcomes of surgical treatment in a case of MH. A 23-year-old male presented to the clinic complaining of bullying due to his facial aesthetics. Clinical and imaging evaluation was performed, with the creation of surgical guides. The patient answered the FOE questionnaire pre- and postoperatively, with results of 12.5 and 100.00 respectively. This subjectively shows the success of the treatment. We suggest that a questionnaire applied exclusively to masseter hypertrophy should be developed, as well as studies for the development of muscle volume measurement protocols, aiming at a more specific evaluation of the surgical outcomes.

klíčová slova: Masseter muscle; Muscle hypertrophy; Myotomy

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