AUC Interpretationes (Acta Universitatis Carolinae Interpretationes Studia Philosophica Europeanea) je filosofický časopis zaměřený na evropskou filosofii 20. století, zejména na francouzskou a německou filosofii a fenomenologii.

AUC INTERPRETATIONES, Vol 6 No 1 (2016), 181–193

Aphasie et réflexibilité

[Aphasia and reflexibility]

Oleg Bernaz

zveřejněno: 13. 04. 2017


The scope of this paper is to bring out a philosophical interpretation of the linguistic problem of aphasia. The hypothesis that we propose states that aphasia is a specific figure of alterity. In order to argue this point of view, we do not question the normativity of norms that structure the function of language but, on the contrary, it is the analysis of the specificity of the blockages interrupting the word articulation that will help us to understand the rules underlying the order of language.

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