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A Czech Dreambook

A Czech Dreambook

Vaculík, Ludvík

témata: beletrie
edice: Modern Czech Classics

vázaná, 576 str., 1. vydání
překlad: Turner, Gerald - Turner, Gerald
vydáno: říjen 2019
ISBN: 978-80-246-3852-2
doporučená cena: 540 Kč



It’s 1979 in Czechoslovakia, ten years into the crushing restoration of repressive communism known as normalization, and Ludvík Vaculík has writer’s block. It has been nearly a decade since he wrote his last novel, and even longer since he wrote the 1968 manifesto, "Two Thousand Words,” which the Soviet Union used as one of the pretexts for invading Czechoslovakia. On the advice of a friend, Vaculík begins to keep a diary: "a book about things, people and events.”

Fifty-four weeks later, what Vaculík has written is a unique mixture of diary, dream journal, and outright fiction – an inverted roman à clef in which the author, his family, his mistresses, the secret police and leading figures of the Czech underground play major roles.

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