Bohemia’s Jews and Their Nineteenth Century

Bohemia’s Jews and Their Nineteenth Century

Texts, Contexts, Reassessments

Toman, Jindřich

témata: judaistika, bohemistika, historie – 19. století

e-kniha, 1. vydání
vydáno: květen 2023
ISBN: 978-80-246-5301-3
formáty e-knihy PDF, epub, mobi
doporučená cena: 700 Kč



This book on Jewish culture and literature focuses on the “quiet” decades of the nineteenth century, a scarcely written-about period of time in Bohemian Jewish history. Using a myriad of sources, including travelers’ accounts, poems, essays, short stories, guides, and newspaper articles, the volume explores Jewish expression, Jewish-Czech relations, and the changing attitudes toward Jews between the 1820s and 1880s. It offers close readings of writers like Karel Havlíček Borovský, Ján Kollár, Siegfried Kapper, and Jan Neruda, as well as lesser-known authors and sources. Combining skillful sustained analysis, judicious argumentation, and elegant writing, the book is a truly enriching reading experience.