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Prague: Its Gardens and Parks

Prague: Its Gardens and Parks

Pacáková-Hošťálková, Božena

témata: pragensia, architektura a urbanismus
edice: Praha

brožovaná, 320 str., 1. vydání
překlad: Short, David
vydáno: květen 2017
ISBN: 978-80-246-3422-7
doporučená cena: 550 Kč



The design of Prague’s gardens and parks, including those that belong to palace, castle and monastery complexes, private and public alike, forms an inseparable part of the millennium-long development of the Czech metropolis. In the introductory part of the book, the scholar offers a brilliant outline of the process of their foundation and transformations within the historical and stylistic context, employing new information arising from research into their history. The second part focuses on individual gardens and parks, presenting them in groups pertaining to a specific locality, which is generally described as well, thus relating them to a particular territory. In addition to photographs and historical images, the book is completed with a glossary of terms and an index of important figures and locations. Descriptions of some of the historical gardens also include an explanation of their specific spatial relations.

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