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Ethnic Diaspora Festivities in the Czech Republic

Ethnic Diaspora Festivities in the Czech Republic

Cultural Traditions between Isolation, Integration and Hybridization

Moravcová, Mirjam

témata: antropologie a etnografie

brožovaná, 160 str., 1. vydání
překlad: Hubka Albert, Gwendolyn
vydáno: březen 2023
ISBN: 978-80-246-5148-4
doporučená cena: 350 Kč



The publication reviews the festivities in the lives of immigrants who came to the Czech Republic after 1990 and who have since created new diasporas or established themselves as distinctive immigrant groups. Festivities are an important aspect of immigrants’ lives inside their social groups as they support the immigrants’ ethnic self-identification, strengthen their ties to their home country, and aid them in building a sense of belonging. The author elaborates on findings from research undertaken in various immigrant groups throughout the Czech Republic, focusing on the abandonment of festivities, their adaptation to the new environment, and the creation of new ones, while observing their social significance and cultural specificity.