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Nudging towards Health

Nudging towards Health

Kovács, RadekOchrana, František

témata: sociologie

brožovaná, 160 str., 1. vydání
vydáno: září 2023
ISBN: 978-80-246-5503-1
doporučená cena: 350 Kč



Behavioral economics sees “nudges” as ways to encourage people to re-evaluate their priorities in such a way that they voluntarily change their behavior, leading to personal and social benefits.
This book examines nudging as a tool for influencing human behavior in health policy.

The authors investigate the contemporary scientific discourse on nudging and enrich it with an ontological, epistemological and praxeological analysis of human behavior. On the basis of detailed analyses of the literature and a systemic review, nudging tools are defined in the paradigm of prospect theory. In addition to the theoretical contribution, the book also examines and offers suggestions on the practice of health policy regarding obesity, malnutrition, and especially type 2 diabetes mellitus.