Sociální kliniky

Krakešová, Marie - Kodymová, Pavla - Brnula, Peter

Price: 260 CZK

Monografie přináší do vědeckého a odborného diskurzu téma sociálních klinik, které vnímá jako téma završující rozvoj československé...


Book details Terra sigillata z Čech v kontextu evropského barbarika

Terra sigillata z Čech v kontextu evropského barbarika

Halama, Jakub

Price: 220 CZK

This monograph presents finds of archaeological pottery of the Roman type of terra sigillata in the Bohemian territory (1st-5th centuries...

Book details Kapitoly o češtině jako jazyku nemateřském

Kapitoly o češtině jako jazyku nemateřském

Hrdlička, Milan

Price: 160 CZK

In this compilation by Milan Hrdlička, a lecturer in Czech studies, the author surveys the last 10 years of his publication activities in...

Book details Právní systémy Dálného východu II

Právní systémy Dálného východu II

Tomášek, Michal

Price: 320 CZK

The second volume of the book by Michal Tomáš is devoted to the comparison of the current legal systems of the Far East (China, Japan,...


Book details Fragments of Lives

Fragments of Lives

Rossi, Jacques

Price: 290 CZK

In Fragmented Lives, Gulag survivor Jacques Rossi opens a window onto everyday life inside the notorious Soviet prison camp through a...


Past Events



Dear Readers,

We are pleased to present two new books which are related in both the time period and themes covered.

The publication, Tourism under the Supervision of the Third Reich, challenges the perception that during the Second World War the time was not appropriate for travel. The book focuses on the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, but the scholars also deal with the separated parts of Czechoslovakia and include the context of the Third Reich. This book, accompanied by historical photographs and promotional materials and supplemented with an appendix with color illustrations, represents a fundamental shift in research into this hitherto little-known phenomenon.

The collective monograph, The Tourist Odyssey, is a new publication in the Oral History and Contemporary History series and represents a fundamental shift in the research of various forms of tourism in Czechoslovakia before the Velvet Revolution. A well-researched book, also based on interviews with witnesses and accompanied by historical photographs, brings the imaginary landscape of contemporary history to life through the stories of specific individuals.