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T. G. Masaryk and the Jewish Question

Pojar, Miloš

translated by: Turner, Gerald
paperback,  258 pp., 1. edition
published: May 2019
ISBN 9788024638799
recommended price:  360 CZK


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An English translation of a successful title by the first post-1989 Czech ambassador to Israel, Miloš Pojar. The book is a result of the author’s life-long interest in this difficult and taboo theme. Starting with the first publication of the samizdat collection, TGM and Our Present Day, Czech anti-Semitism has been newly researched in a broad context. This book presents a useful summary of Tomás Garrigue Masaryk’s stances from his writings and political activities, including a detailed description of the historic first visit of the head of the state to Palestine in 1927. The English edition contains a preface by Shlomo Avineri and a personal essay by Petr Pithart.