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Biografický slovník obětí nacistické perzekuce z řad vědecké obce v českých zemích 1939–1945

[Biographical dictionary of victims of the Nazi persecution from the scientific community in the Czech Lands 1939–1945]

Šimůnek, Michal V. - Kostlán, Antonín (eds.)

e-book,  1. edition
published: March 2019
ISBN 9788024636474 (PDF)

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Stories of scientists persecuted during the Nazi occupation and World War II have only been presented to Czech readership selectively and without an adequate historical evaluation. Long-term systematic research carried out at the Centre for the History of Sciences and Humanities, Institute of Contemporary History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, attempts to bridge this gap, leading to the compilation of a two-volume dictionary, which represents the first comprehensive biographical overview of prominent scientists working in the Czech Lands who became victims, irrespective of their origin, nationality, research institution and discipline.
Individual stories demonstrate the extent of the impact on the personnel structure of the local scientific community during this period. As these experts represented a significant segment of the social elite in interwar Czechoslovakia, this work helps understand the mechanisms of discontinuity in the development of the Czech society in the 20th century.
Volume 1 contains biographical information of 71 prominent scientific figures who died during the Nazi aggression between 1939–1945. Each profile includes a detailed bibliography and archived documents.