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Oral History and Contemporary History


Turistická odysea

Mücke, Pavel - Krátká, Lenka (eds.)

The collective monograph, the Tourist Odyssey, represents a fundamental shift in the research of various forms of tourism in Czechoslovakia before the Velvet Revolution. In addition to the basic tendencies of national and regional politics in this...

published: February  2019
recommended price: 490 Kč

Ivan M. Havel

Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana

annotation unavailable

published: September  2017
recommended price: 270 Kč

O chalupách a lidech

Schindler-Wisten, Petra

A majority of Czech population is familiar, either through direct experience or indirectly, with the phenomenon of spending time at weekend houses, which was a natural part of lifestyle primarily for people living in cities. Petra Schindler-Wisten’s...

published: June  2017
recommended price: 270 Kč

Domovský přístav Praha: Československá námořní plavba v letech 1948 až 1989

Krátká, Lenka

This book, based on numerous previously unpublished archived documents, offers an overview of the establishment and development of high seas navigation in the now non-existent Czechoslovakia and on the operation of the Czechoslovak Sea Navigation,...

published: November  2016
recommended price: 390 Kč

Třetí strana trojúhelníku. Teorie a praxe orální historie

Vaněk, Miroslav - Mücke, Pavel

The title of this publication refers to the belief of Michael Frisch, an American historian, that oral history is an approach to the perception of the past that is symbolically located between the "lay” individual or collective memory and the...

published: April  2015
recommended price: 320 Kč

Příběhy (ne)obyčejných profesí

Vaněk, Miroslav - Krátká, Lenka (eds.)

Histories of the "normalization and transformation" have recently become quite popular and a theme discussed by scholars and also by the general public. This publication is intended to address this interest. It loosely continues upon the previous...

published: November  2014
recommended price: 430 Kč