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PRÁVNĚHISTORICKÉ STUDIE, Vol 53 No 1 (2023), 165–180

Perduellio a sacrilegium v době římské republiky

[Perduellio and Sacrilegium in the Time of the Roman Republic]

Marie Šmejkalová

published online: 25. 07. 2023


The submitted article concerns itself with two criminal offences – perduellio and sacrilegium – in the time of the Roman Republic whilst it attempts to identify their mutual relationship leading to an intense interconnection in the period of Justinian codification. The article uses a wide range of both domestic and foreign secondary sources as well as primary sources. The first two chapters of this work focus on a thorough introduction of the two offences by analysing several contemporary cases. Furthermore, it proceeds to the actual analysis of the interrelation of the offences, using a variety of Roman law sources, such as Lex Duodecim Tabularum, Livy’s History or The Digest of Justinian and The Institutes of Justinian.

keywords: perduellio; sacrilegium; Roman public law; Roman Republic

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