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AUC PHILOLOGICA, Vol 2021 No 2 (2021), 105–118

Umělá inteligence a tlumočníci – víme, co nás čeká?

[Artificial Intelligence and Interpreters - Do We Know What Awaits Us?]

Ivana Čeňková

published online: 16. 11. 2022


Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence today, and it is a topic that hits the headlines. International research and projects include it in their terms of reference in the hunt for subsidies. It is well established in numerous industrial sectors and is presented as an integral part of new technologies. In short, it enters all areas of human activity and is becoming an unavoidable and omnipresent subject in 21st century society, and in the everyday lives of all of us. But do we really know what it means – or will mean – for us, and notably for interpreters? Will it influence or change interpreter training and the whole profession? If so, how? The author will be taking a layman’s view of this subject and put these questions (among many others) to students and interpreter trainers at the Institute of Translation Studies, Charles University and to Czech interpreters on the local and European market to see what they think, what they know, and how they view the future. After going through and analysing all the 77 answers from the sample, the author presents the results of this survey and will attempt to draw conclusions which will be preliminary, as this area is developing at breakneck speed.

keywords: artificial intelligence; conference interpreter training; the “augmented interpreter”; toolbox; on-line subtitles; simultaneous translation of speech; community interpreting; speech-to-text; automatic speech recognition

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