The journal AUC Philologica is committed to maintain the highest standards of publication ethics and has therefore adopted a set of rules and principles that prevent copyright infringement, unfair practice in publishing, and plagiarism, and ensure correct relations with authors, reviewers, and readers. In this respect, the journal uses the generally acknowledged principles of publishing ethics (see COPE) as the starting point.

Authors: By offering their text for publication (in print and electronically), authors confirm they have produced a wholly original work and that the submission is not plagiarised. Moreover, authors confirm they are the copyright holders and that they have not granted exclusive license to a third party.

Authors are obliged to list all the sources used in their submission and to quote from them properly in accordance with the ethics rules, the style guide, and the copyright.

By submitting their contribution, authors confirm that the text has not been already published and that it has not been offered for publication elsewhere. Submitting a text that has already been published or is under review for a different periodical, collection, or monograph, is considered unethical and constitutes a reason for rejecting the submission.

Authors are supposed to acknowledge the financial support for the creation of the text in the dedication.

During the final revision, authors are expected to consider suggestions and comments made by the reviewers. If they disagree with some of the reviewer’s opinion, they need to present objective arguments against it. Should authors discover a conflict of interest of any sort or another manner of incongruity, they are obliged to inform the editorial board without delay.

Members of the editorial board (and editors of the given issue of the journal) have the right to decide which submissions are going to be accepted for review and ultimately for publication.

Members of the editorial board (and editors of the given issue of the journal) are obliged to arrange two reviewers for submissions accepted for review, and to guarantee anonymity to all parties concerned. The reviewers must not be colleagues of the authors from the same department, and they cannot be in conflict of interest in relation to the text or its author. Should the attitudes of the two reviewers differ markedly, it is possible to ask for a third review.  The editorial board guarantees that all information regarding the submitted texts and the review process will remain confidential. The editorial board is obliged to discuss objections and complaints regarding the review process and to answer them.

Reviewers are obliged to consider the submissions impartially and responsibly, to formulate their opinions in a clear and accessible manner, and to support them with appropriate arguments.  Reviewers have to ensure that all information regarding the texts will remain confidential.

Should reviewers discover a conflict of interest of any sort, detect any infringement of copyright on part of the author, or reach the conclusion the submissions may be plagiarised, they are obliged to inform the editorial board.

Should the reviewers realise they will not be able to submit the review by the agreed date, they need to alert the editorial board without delay.

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