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AUC PHILOLOGICA, Vol 2020 No 4 (2020), 153–168

Les anglicismes français relatifs au cinéma : entre la terminologie, les recommendations officielles et l’usage

[French Anglicisms Related to Cinema: Between Terminology, Official Recommendations and Usage]

Weronika Woźniak

announced: 11. 08. 2021


The complex terminology of cinematography, where French and foreign terms meet and compete, reflects the nature of this domain, which is the area of international cooperation, of the exchange of thoughts and expression. In order to avoid the compulsory usage of foreign nomenclature, the creation and distribution of French equivalents have become the assignment of institutions such as the Commission d’enrichissement de la langue française and l’Académie française. Despite the development of indigenous terminology in the field of cinema, which is strongly associated with the international film industry, especially the American one, the circulation of Anglicisms remains significant. The objective of this article is to study English terms in the aforementioned domain. Therefore, firstly, the official recommendations of the Commission d’enrichissement de la langue française and l’Académie française for the employment of French terms in the field of cinema are presented. The second part constitute the analysis of the presence of English terms from the corpus, such as casting, flashback, steadicam, trailer, in contemporary French dictionaries, in relation to the official recommendations of the aforementioned institutions. Finally, we focus on the presence of Anglicisms and their French equivalents in French journalistic discourse on the example of the common press, in order to study the circulation of loans words and to examine whether they are actually substituted by notions of French terminology.

keywords: loan words; cinematography; terminology; journalistic discourse

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