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AUC IURIDICA, Vol 65 No 3 (2019), 69–74

Aktuální vývoj evropské právní úpravy v oblasti ekodesignu výrobků

[Current Developments of European Legislation in Product Ecodesign]

Tereza Fabšíková

announced: 19. 09. 2019


Ecodesign as a complex approach to product design, considering all impacts on the environment during the whole life cycle of a product, is an important factor in the concept of circular economy. The presented paper focuses on the issue of current development in the field of the European ecodesign regulation, emphasizing mainly the topic of the shift from energy efficiency to resource and material efficiency. Future requirements on ecodesigned products and possible changes in the Ecodesign Directive are presented and discussed.

keywords: ecodesign; circular economy; Ecodesign Directive; material efficiency; resource efficiency

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