The theme of this series designates Prague as a historical cultural phenomenon and in a concise and dedicated manner aims to show the thousand-year development of the city through its material and spiritual transformations and its legendary genius loci, thus helping to spread awareness of Czech culture and its level of education. The topics of the individual volumes are based on the intersections of vertical and horizontal timelines, presenting a vivid panorama of the Central European capital city, whose contours were determined not only by events and movements, but by the thoughts and actions of prominent figures. These volumes focusing on the city and the stratification of its historical styles are supplemented by a monographic treatment of more general topics that are intertwined with this historical stratification. The standard volume of the series consists of a general interpretation of the theme accompanied by illustrations and "a walk through Prague", which contains a captioned collection of photographs of historical sites still in existence today. The publication is complemented by a list of prominent personalities, index of places with a map of buildings and the author's bibliography. The series is produced in cooperation with respected Czech art historians and photographers. Typography by Zdeněk Ziegler. Edited by Milada Motlová. Published in Czech and English.