Jitka Cvejnová’s textbook series combines an innovative approach to the language and Czech culture with her long-term experience as a teacher of Czech as a foreign language. Česky, prosím is based on up-to-date methods of instruction and information on the Czech language. It offers a strictly communicative approach, with no mediating language and featuring an attractive graphic layout facilitating natural language acquisition. The introductory volume is suitable for students who study Czech as their first foreign language, including those without any knowledge of the Roman alphabet, while the final volume represents a university level of competence in the language. Inspired by modern textbooks for other languages (Headway, Themen), the textbook systematically develops all skills: reading comprehension, speaking, listening and writing. It emphasizes the natural dialogical nature of the language material with respect to everyday speech. The series was prepared in co-operation with Charles University departments which focus on long-term support for the instruction of Czech in the Czech Republic and abroad. All of the volumes were tested in actual classrooms and reviewed prior to their publication.