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Česky, prosím I

Česky, prosím I

Cvejnová, Jitka

subjects: language textbooks – Czech
series: Czech, Please

paperback, 248 pp., 2. edition
published: july 2019
ISBN: 978-80-246-4359-5
recommended price: 620 czk



The first part of a new set of modern communication-based textbooks of Czech for foreigners is intended for beginners among young adults and adults. It is the first universal textbook in the Czech context in a strictly communication-based format, which does not use a mediating language and thus is ideal for users without respect to their mother tongue. Inspired by modern textbooks for other languages (Headway, Themen), it systematically develops all skills - reading, speaking, listening and writing. It emphasizes the natural dialogical character of the language material with respect to everyday speech. The author's extensive experience with intensive classes and introducing foreigners into the Czech environment has enabled her to enrich the book with valuable socio-cultural context of all particularities of the use of Czech.
The publication consists of two volumes - a textbook and a workbook. The continuation of the series through higher levels promises the widespread use of the textbook in short-term and long-term classes. The book Česky, prosím is the only textbook which is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the content of the first level complies with the demands for the European Certificate CCE - level A1.

Archive with audio tracks.

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