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Česky, prosím Start

Česky, prosím Start

[Czech, Please, Starter]

Cvejnová, Jitka

subjects: language textbooks – Czech
series: Czech, Please

paperback, 204 pp., 1. edition
published: august 2011
ISBN: 978-80-246-1883-8
recommended price: 295 czk



The introductory volume for the Česky, prosím textbook series is intended as supplementary material for the beginning stages of language instruction for students who are expected to have problems learning Czech. It focuses on practicing the sound and written components of the language at a slower pace and can serve as an introductory course for other textbooks of Czech for foreigners or as an independent writing exercise book in combination with any textbook of Czech for foreigners. It is intended mainly for those foreigners who have not mastered the Roman alphabet and for whom Czech is the first foreign language they study, or for those who have difficulties with learning a foreign language (dyslectics, dysgraphics) or they are learning to both read and write in Czech as they have not been fully alphabetized. The study material is designed for a minimum of 50 first lessons of Czech for foreigners. The publication also contains a writing exercise book.

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