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PRÁVNĚHISTORICKÉ STUDIE, Vol 51 No 3 (2021), 85–99

Vybrané právní aspekty otroctví v Hostině u Trimalchiona

[Selected Aspects of Slavery in Dinner at Trimalchio’s]

Lenka Skoupá

announced: 20. 12. 2021


This paper deals with the portrayal of slavery in the specific chapter of Petronius’ Satyricon. The main aim of the paper is to compare the information we gain about slavery from the legal sources with the way these institutions are then portrayed within the Satyricon. Specifically, the paper focuses on the legal aspects of entry into slavery (birth, self-sale), transfer of ownership (sale and warranty for goods) and manumission.

keywords: Roman law; Satyricon; slavery; self-sale; sale of slaves; warranty for goods; manumissio inter amicos; manumissio testamento; manumissio per mensam

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