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HISTORICKÁ SOCIOLOGIE, Vol 12 No 2 (2020), 51–70

Elmira. Výskum Paula Lazarsfelda, Bernarda R. Berlsona a Williama N. Pheeho o formování volebních preferencí počas prezidentskej kampane

[Elmira. The Research of Paul F. Lazarsfeld, Bernard R. Berelson and William N. McPhee on Formation of Voting Preferences During a Presidential Campaign]

Roman Kollár

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14712/23363525.2020.19
announced: 01. 12. 2020


The aim of this paper is to introduce the sociological research on the topic of Dewey vs. Truman election conducted by Paul F. Lazarsfeld, Bernard R. Berelson and William N. McPhee in the United States in 1948. Formation of voting preferences during this presidential campaign was the subject of the research and the population of Elmira city (n = 1029) was the object. The research report describes the patterns of voting preferences, the social determinants (formal organizations, socio-economic status and religion) of voting behavior as well as the role of small social groups (family, friends and co-workers) on voting preferences formation.

keywords: politics; presidential campaign; voting preferences; formal organizations; socio-economic status; religion; family

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