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AUC THEOLOGICA, Vol 10 No 1 (2020), 121–140

Objective/Subjective Apologetical Approaches Regarding the Existence of God

[Objective/Subjective Apologetical Approaches Regarding the Existence of God]

Stuart Nicolson

announced: 15. 09. 2020


Apologetics since the Second Vatican Council has somewhat changed to deal more with reaching the person and sowing seeds rather than winning the argument. The traditional objective arguments for the existence of God are today less effective, especially when approaching postmodern non-believers. Subjective approaches are far more effective, dealing with personal experience. Covering a wide range, Peter Kreeft offers twenty arguments for the existence of God, which can be grouped according to objective, subjective, and a transition group between these. By using different approaches and combinations of these, a consistent ‘wall’ of reasons for believing in God’s existence can be created by combining these arguments like building blocks. This paper considers the range of arguments, giving summaries of the (semi-) subjective ones and commenting upon them with regards to their use, strengths, and weaknesses. It finds that as one purpose of apologetics is to assist the unbeliever in coming to know God, ways of helping bring the subjective thinker to belief in God should be developed further, and Kreeft’s offering is a very useful resource for the Christian in explaining why it is reasonable to believe in God.

keywords: Belief in God; Apologetics; Peter Kreeft; Objectivity; Subjectivity; Approaches; Arguments

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