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AUC STUDIA TERRITORIALIA, Vol 17 No 2 (2017), 35–57

Rethinking Reconciliation and the West German Left Wing

Jana Stoklasa

announced: 01. 11. 2018


Discussion about reconciliation in post-World War II Germany usually centers on Hitler’s Jewish victims or recently enacted programs of restitution for so-called marginalized victim groups. In this paper, I explore the largely neglected domestic reconciliation policy affecting the West German left wing in the postwar period. Initially, on a genealogical, micro-historical basis, I investigate the restitution claim files of former communist and social-democratic printing companies located in Hannover, Lower Saxony. In the light of recent nationwide discourse in Germany about anti-communist measures of the pre-unification Federal Republic of Germany, such as the so-called Berufsverbote (bans on employment of leftists), these sources document negotiations to right past wrongs and shed light on reconciliation policy during the German-German “cold civil war” that followed World War II.

keywords: Germany; reconciliation; restitution; KPD; SPD; Berufsverbote

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