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AUC PHILOLOGICA, Vol 2020 No 4 (2020), 13–38

Class action, une adaptation variée en français, en polonais et en tchèque : reflets linguistiques

[Class Action, Variously Adapted in French, Polisch and Czech languages: Linguistic Reflections ]

Anna Bobińska, John Humbley, Radka Mudrochová, Matúš Hanuliak

published online: 11. 08. 2021


The objective of this article is to study the linguistic adaptation that accompanies the introduction and modification of a type of lawsuit originating in another legal system: the case of class action. In the context of the study of the comparative neology of French, Polish and Czech, considered in particular from the angle of borrowing and its equivalents, it is interesting to explore the adoption and linguistic adaptation of a legal concept. The one selected for this study is the American class action, which has already been the subject of a linguistic analysis focusing on French in France and French-speaking countries, and in Spain and Italy. The present study therefore extends the research carried out so far to the cases of Czech and Polish while updating the data on French.

keywords: Neology; terminology; class action; native equivalent; borrowing

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