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AUC PHILOLOGICA, Vol 2015 No 3 (2015), 61–72

Investigating interventionist interpreting via Mikhail Bakhtin

Elisabeth Gibbels, Jo Schmitz

announced: 10. 03. 2016


The paper presents assertive queer-feminist strategies in simultaneous interpretation and argues that these are not only feasible but compliant with basic tenets of Structuralism. In particular, I will use three aspects from Mikhail Bakhtin’s work: firstly, organic versus intentional language change (hybridity), secondly, the concept of the act as an answerable, participatory action (“postupok”), and thirdly, the idea of a distant addressee with presumed absolute and responsive understanding (the loophole reader). These concepts will be read against work in translation studies on decision processes (Jiri Levy, Justa Holz-Mänttäri, Cecilia Wadensjö). The paper suggests that while translators’ decisions are influenced by norms, habitus and other factors, they are autonomous at the moment of action. The call for empowerment becomes a call for responsible agency.

keywords: Interpreters’ agency; interpreting as intervention; queer-feminist interpreting strategies; postupok – heteroglossia – the omniscient reader (Bakhtin)

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