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AUC KINANTHROPOLOGICA, Vol 57 No 1 (2021), 92–108

Athletes vs. bloggers: influence on purchase preferences of the Generation Z

Josef Voráček, Martina Bernardová

published online: 16. 06. 2021


The paper deals with the comparison of the impact of the use of athletes and bloggers in marketing communication on purchasing preferences of individuals which belong to the so-called Generation Z. There are two interdependent methods used for the research. The first of these methods is a questionnaire survey, which includes 508 respondents. 32 respondents separated in two groups attended the second method, which is a focus group. The research results show that athletes influence the behavioral intentions of members of the Generation Z more than bloggers in every researched sphere. The main difference in effectivity is clear from the comparison between both groups by respondents.

keywords: marketing communication; shopping behaviour; reference group; Generation Z; sports celebrity; influencer

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