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AUC IURIDICA, Vol 69 No 2 (2023), 83–94

Relationships between Platforms and Retailers (on the Example of Amazon)

Rastislav Funta

published online: 07. 06. 2023


In e-commerce, data has long played a special role as a factor in competition between different players, and its importance continues to grow. A review of the current legal situation is a basic prerequisite for any legal policy proposals to improve market access conditions and thus competition in a platform economy. As a result, the current article attempts to discuss the legal framework that governs the relevant legal relationships between platforms and retailers on the example of Amazon. The emphasis is on the scope of retailers’ antitrust claims against online platforms, as well as the extent of platforms’ obligations. Participation and access claims relating to data or information, as well as certain marketing services, are particularly relevant in this regard.

keywords: antitrust; data sharing; essential facilities

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