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AUC IURIDICA, Vol 68 No 2 (2022), 209–223

Current Problems of the Impact of Gender Equality in the Administration of Justice in Ukraine

Taras Z. Garasumiv, Viktoriia Z. Chornopyska, Anastasiia V. Baran

announced: 02. 06. 2022


The main purpose of the article was to study the gender equality principles in the Ukrainian justice system. This paper covered the main mechanisms of the state of modern international legal regulations on the impact of gender equality in the administration of justice. The main issues arising upon the implementation of gender equality issues in the justice system of Ukraine were identified. It was suggested that new mechanisms of further improvement of the corresponding law enforcement practice. It was concluded that particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the recognition of gender equality in Ukraine as a key aspect of sustainable development requires the introduction of a gender integration policy in all areas, including in the justice system, where it is necessary to recognise gender aspects upon delivering justice.

keywords: gender equality; discrimination; gender statistics; gender stereotypes; female judges

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