AUC Geographica (Acta Universitatis Carolinae Geographica) is a scholarly academic journal published since 1966 that focuses on actual results of research from a wide range of the geographical sciences: physical geography and geo-ecology, regional, social, political and economic geography and regional development, cartography and geo-information, demography and geo-demography. The journal disseminates research results on geographical theory and methodology and also strives to help solve practical problems in Czech regional, socio-economic and demographical policy-making.

AUC GEOGRAPHICA, Vol 55 No 1 (2020)

The impact of external institutional shocks on Russian regions
Irina Danilova, Olga A. Bogdanova, Angelika V. Karpushkina, Tatiana Karetnikova

Quantum and tempo effects of changes during the demographic transition: classification of world sub-regions and selected countries
Marta Mustafina

Attitudes of young Czechs towards immigration: comparison of 2011 and 2016
Lenka Pavelková, Martin Hanus, Jiří Hasman

An analysis of potential adopter attitudes regarding electric vehicles: the case of university students in the United Arab Emirates
Robert Michael Bridi, Naeema Al Hosani

The role of regional products in preserving traditional farming landscapes in the context of development of peripheral regions – Lubelskie Province, Eastern Poland
Ewa Skowronek, Teresa Brzezińska-Wójcik, Andrzej Stasiak, Andrzej Tucki

Mapping military landscape as a cultural heritage: case study of the Austerlitz/Slavkov battlefield site
Markéta Šantrůčková, Alena Salašová, Klára Sokolová, Jozef Sedláček

Field fortifications from the Second World War: possibilities of archaeological research on post-military landscapes in South Moravia (Czech Republic)
Jiří Zubalík

Training the eye: production and reception of aerial photography during the World Wars
Noemi Quagliati

Introducing historical landscape in the cultural heritage conservation through the example of the Tokaj wine region in Hungary
Krisztina Albert

Feminist approaches in the geographies of religion: experience, emotions, everydayness and embodiment in postsecular society and space
Kamila Klingorová

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