Karolinum Press

Charles University is the largest educational institution in the Czech Republic, with 8,000 academicians and 52,000 students. Although Karolinum Press was established in 1990, its publishing tradition can be traced back to Humanist prints from the 16th century. As part of the university, Karolinum Press supports research and education in all of the disciplines taught at the 17 faculties. The books published reflect this wide scope spanning from humanities (HSS) to natural sciences and medicine (STM). We publish scientific monographs, journals and textbooks, ranging from specialized exercise books to general textbooks used around the country. Our independent series present prestigious publications on the history of Charles University, titles in art history, language textbooks and many disciplinary and interdisciplinary series, including translations of renowned foreign publishers focusing on literary science, history of culture, linguistics and philosophy. We cooperate with leading scholars to ensure a high quality of text preparation, follow contemporary trends in international editing standards, focus on first-rate graphical layout and print. Since 2005, we have been gradually working on incorporating Charles University’s publications, including our monographs, journals and ebooks, into international distribution and library networks. Despite being a relatively small, Central European publishing house, we establish and maintain long‑term contacts with global partners. We strive to make individual titles permanently available in both Czech and foreign markets, in reader‑friendly formats. Karolinum Press is in charge of the availability and distribution of its books in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, while the worldwide distribution of our books in English is facilitated through exclusive cooperation with Chicago University Press. Recently, we have also focused on ensuring that our academic publications can be found and made available through discipline and library search engines (cooperation with ProQuest, EBSCOhost, Google Books and many Open Access activities).