Prague Medical Report is an English quarterly published multidisciplinary biomedical journal. Prague Medical Report was founded as Sborník lékařský in May 1885. The journal presents public primary scientific publications, short communications, casuistry, and reviews. It contains articles based on important specialised lectures and symposia.

PRAGUE MEDICAL REPORT, Vol 123 No 4 (2022)

ADHD – What Is the Meaning of Sex-dependent Incidence Differences?
Jindřich Mourek, Jaroslav Pokorný

A Response of the Pineal Gland in Sexually Mature Rats under Long-term Exposure to Heavy Metal Salts
Nataliia Hryntsova, Ingrid Hodorová, Josef Mikhaylik, Anatoly Romanyuk

Malignancy Rates in Thyroid Nodules Classified as Bethesda III and IV; Correlating Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology with Histopathology
Chirag Pereira

Clinical Course of COVID-19 and Cycle Threshold in Patients with Haematological Neoplasms
Ignacio Martín Santarelli, Mariela Sierra, María Lucía Gallo Vaulet, Marcelo Rodríguez Fermepin, Sofía Isabel Fernández

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: An Analysis of the Electromyographic Fatigue of the Masticatory Muscles
Ligia Maria Napolitano Gonçalves, Selma Siéssere, Flávia Argentato Cecilio, Jaime Eduardo Cecilio Hallak, Paulo Batista de Vasconcelos, Wilson Marques Júnior, Isabela Hallak Regalo, Marcelo Palinkas, Simone Cecilio Hallak Regalo

Pervitin Intoxication with Two-peak Massive Myoglobinemia, Acute Kidney Injury and Marked Procalcitonin Increase Not Associated with Sepsis
Eva Svobodová, Tomáš Drábek, Helena Brodská

Delayed Spontaneous Pneumothorax in a Previously Healthy Nonventilated COVID-19 Patient
Ondrej Zahornacký, Štefan Porubčin, Alena Rovňáková, Pavol Jarčuška

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