The European Journal of Environmental Sciences offers a mixture of original peer-reviewed research papers, which bring you some of the most exciting developments in environmental sciences in the broadest sense, often with an inter- or trans-disciplinary perspective, focused on the European problems. The journal also includes critical reviews on topical issues, and overviews of the status of environmental protection in particular regions or countries. The journal covers a broad range of topics, including direct or indirect interactions between abiotic or biotic components of the environment, interactions of environment with human society, or environmental sustainability.


New issues in orchid conservation
Pavel Kindlmann

Revealing the decline and expansion of orchids of NW European Russia
Petr G. Efimov

Conservation recommendations from a large survey of French orchids
Philippe Feldmann, Daniel Prat

Identifying important areas for orchid conservation in Crete
Spyros Tsiftsis, Ioannis Tsiripidis, Panayiotis Trigas

Conservation and reintroduction of native orchids of Singapore – the next phase
Tim W. Yam, Felicia Tay, Peter Ang, Weijing Soh

Acclimatization of the endangered Mexican epiphytic orchid, Laelia speciosa (H.B.K.) Schltr
Martha Mireya Ortega-Loeza, Rafael Salgado-Garciglia, Carlos Gómez-Alonso, Irene Ávila-Díaz

Methods of studying field germination and seedling physiology: present potential and drawbacks
Hanne N. Rasmussen

Symbiotic germination of three species of epiphytic orchids susceptible to genetic erosion, from Soconusco (Chiapas, Mexico)
Vincenzo Bertolini, Anne Damon, Angel Natanael Rojas Veláquez

Cypripedium calceolus germination in situ: seed longevity, and dormancy breakage by long incubation and cold winters
Hanne N. Rasmussen, Henrik Æ. Pedersen

A comparative study of the seed germination capabilities of Anacamptis palustris (Orchidaceae), a threatened terrestrial orchid, and other more common Anacamptis species, by asymbiotic culture in vitro
Sara Magrini, Alessandro de Carli, Silvano Onofri, Anna Scoppola

Seed propagation and re-introduction of the U.S. federally endangered Hawaiian endemic, Platanthera holochila (Hbd.) Krzl. (Orchidaceae)
Lawrence W. Zettler, Erin M. Wood, Lynnaun J. A. N. Johnson, Anna K. Kirk, Steven P. Perlman

European orchid cultivation – from seed to mature plant
Jan Ponert, Stanislav Vosolsobě, Kateřina Kmecová, Helena Lipavská

Protocorms of an epiphytic orchid (Epidendrum amphistomum A. Richard) recovered in situ, and subsequent identification of associated mycorrhizal fungi using molecular markers
Lawrence W. Zettler, Laura L. Corey, Larry W. Richardson, April Y. Ross, Lillian Moller-Jacobs

Potential impact of insect herbivores on orchid conservation
Marilyn H. S. Light, Michael Macconaill

An intriguing morphological variability of Platanthera s.l.
Petr G. Efimov

Fragrance composition of Dendrophylax lindenii (Orchidaceae) using a novel technique applied in situ
James J. Sadler, Jacylyn M. Smith, Lawrence W. Zettler, Hans T. Alborn, Larry W. Richardson

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