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AUC PHILOLOGICA, Vol 2014 No 1 (2014), 55–68

Melodemes in Speech: Their Stability and Confusions

Zdena Palková

published online: 28. 12. 2014


The melodeme, a stabilized contour of F0 which serves as a means of communicating a particular type of attitudinal modality, distinguishing declarative, interrogative and progredient modes, is a relevant part of sentence intonation in Czech. The melodeme is usually carried by the last phonetic word of a phrase. Differentiation between variants of individual melodemes is sufficient in theoretical description as well as in acoustic reality of neutral standard speech. In common speech, especially expressive or emotional, confusion between the intention of the speaker and the interpretation of the listener cannot be ruled out. In the study we use a perceptual probe to investigate similarities between contours of different melodemes and acoustic features that affect their recognition when isolated from context.

keywords: intonation; intonation phrase; stress-group; melodeme; types of mode; F0 contours; listening test; Czech language

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