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AUC PHILOLOGICA, Vol 2013 No 2 (2013), 149–166

La incorporación de los préstamos españoles en el caló: la rivalidad entre sufijos a la luz del corpus

Zuzana Krinková

published online: 29. 12. 2014


The Incorporation of Spanish Loanwords in Caló : Rivalry among Suffixes in the Light of the Corpus In the article we deal with the evolution of the means of incorporation of Spanish loanwords in Calo, from the 15th to the 19th century. In the first evolutional phase of Calo we can observe the incorporation of verbs and nouns through Romani derivational morphology of Greek origin. In further phases there is a special set of derivational suffixes that originated from Romani, but that have homophone counterparts in Spanish also. Our hypothesis is that Spanish/Calo bilingual speakers may have been influenced by the principle of analogy when choosing particular suffixes from the variety of derivational morphology elements available in Romani. We examine and compare data found in Calo documents and in a diachronic corpus of Spanish.

keywords: Romani; Spanish loanwords; language contact; analogy; corpus romaní; préstamos españoles; contacto de lenguas; analogía; corpus

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