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AUC KINANTHROPOLOGICA, Vol 57 No 2 (2021), 173–184

Clinical evaluation of shoulder ROM in volleyball and handball players in youth categories

Petr Benda, Tereza Nováková, Lenka Žáková

published online: 20. 12. 2021


Aims. The aim of this study was to clarify whether volleyball and handball players, as representatives of the so-called overhead athletes, already have an increased ROM and specific local hypermobility in the shoulder joints in the junior categories. These changes are described by goniometric measurements and hypermobility tests according to Sachse and Beighton. The results are examined with respect to gender and sport specialization. Methods. Ninety-five subjects without previous shoulder joint injury aged 16 to 19 years, including 73 volleyball and handball players, were tested. The cohort included 33 men, 40 women, 34 handball players and 39 volleyball players. The control group consisted of 22 participants, including 11 men and 11 women. The majority (90.5%) of the study participants were right-hand dominant. Only 9.5% of the participants were left-handed. Measurements were taken with a goniometer with digital display and hypermobility tests according to Sachse and Beighton. Results. In a selected group of volleyball and handball players, the ROM of the shoulder joints of the dominant arm was significantly greater in three ways: into extension, horizontal adduction and external rotation. On the other hand, the ROM of their shoulder joints in internal rotation is smaller and the research group has significant hypermobility in the glenohumeral (scapulohumeral) joint compared to the control group. Our study showed that females compared to males playing volleyball and handball have a significantly higher degree of internal rotation of both dominant and non-dominant arms. No significant differences were found when comparing volleyball and handball players. The difference in ROM between the dominant and non-dominant arms of volleyball and handball players was shown in extension and external rotation.

keywords: goniometry; range of motion; hypermobility; handball; volleyball

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