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AUC IURIDICA, Vol 68 No 3 (2022), 123–138

International Commercial Arbitration as a Modern Self-Regulation Tool in Hybrid War

Olena M. Honcharenko, Olga O. Bakalinska, Olena A. Belianevych, Svitlana I. Bevz, Olena A. Chernenko

published online: 14. 09. 2022


One of the tools of self-regulation, which helps to settle a dispute between commercial counterparties from different states is international commercial arbitration. International commercial arbitration is an alternative to the dispute resolution process in state courts, that is – it is an alternative to the mechanisms of the state process. The problem of considering international commercial arbitration through the prism of self-regulation has not been studied from all perspectives and diversity. This issue is especially relevant when businesses seek protection of their violated rights to international commercial arbitration in a hybrid war. It is important to examine: how a self-regulatory instrument is able to implement protection when war is waged. The question arises whether private jurisdiction can provide adequate protection to commercial entities. What is the role of international commercial arbitration? How the public authorities will implement the decisions made by the arbitration against the aggressor state (the state violating investment obligations). Settlement of disputes in a hybrid war can be called “hybrid investment disputes” or “hybrid commercial disputes” depending on the object of the dispute.

keywords: international arbitration; hybrid investment disputes; commercial disputes; businesses seek protection; international chambers of commerce

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